Measuring your TV

Terms and conditions of purchase require you to measure your TV before the final selection of size variation. This is to ensure you end up with the proper size cover for your TV.

  1. Measure from edge to edge the entire width of your TV.

  2. Measure from top to bottom the entire height of your TV.

  3. Measure from front to back the entire depth of your TV.

Select the cover size closest to your measurements.

TV’s are sold with a diagonal measurement. That means your 42″ TV is really sized around 38″W x 24″H, covers use standard W x H x D.

Q. My 46” Samsung is 43 ¾”W x 26”H x 3”D? Will it fit your Medium cover 42″ x 26 1/2″ x 4″?

A. The cover will allow a slightly larger TV if the edges are thin. Much like the way a large pizza box can fit in a paper grocery bag because it “puffs out” the edges of the bag.

Q. Can I use a larger cover? For example, I have a 50” TV with 49”W x 30”H x 3”D.

A. Yes. A larger cover will function just fine and will protect your TV; the fit will not be as tight. For the prior example, you would need to purchase the large 52” cover.

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