Q. How does the cover go on the TV?
A. Click here to watch a quick video.

Q. What Brackets work with your covers?
A. Any bracket that has an articulating arm or pivot mount. Yes, this does include most ceiling mounts. Check out our bracket fitment guide here.

Q. How to protect your TV’s cable box outdoors?
A. We do not manufacture cable box covers for outdoor televisions. We recommend to velcro the cable box to the back of your television. This will clean up the look of your outdoor home entertainment system and your cable box will be protected using the TV cover.

Q. I have a slim, flush, or tilt mount, can you help?
Yes, with these types of mounts you will need to review our Adjustment Guide.

Q. Why do you have the disclaimer on black covers (Not for direct sunlight)?
A. We prefer to use light colored material as we have found that darker colors tend to attract heat. The sun beating down on a black cover tends to heat up too much and “bake” the TV. The grey and beige reflects heat and keeps the TV cooler.

Q. Can you make a custom size?
A. No. A production run consists of many thousand pieces and in order to keep quality up and prices down, we only make the most popular TV sizes.

Q. My 46” Samsung is 43 ¾”W x 26”H x 3”D.  Can it fit your 42” cover?
 The dimensions of the covers are the face panel.  They will allow a larger TV if the edges are thin.  Much like the way a large pizza box can fit in a paper grocery bag because it “puffs out” the edges of the bag. See measuring info below.

Q. Can I use a larger cover?  For example, I have a 50” TV with 49”W x 30”H x 3”D.
 Yes.  A larger cover will function just fine and will protect your TV; the fit will not be as tight.  For the prior example, you would need to purchase the 52” cover.

Q. How can I clean my cover?
 Remove the cover from your TV!  Then, the cover may be cleaned with a cleaning solution of 4 ounces of household bleach and 2 ounces of mild soap mixed in one gallon of warm (100⁰ F) water. Do NOT use detergents. Use a soft, bristled brush to lift soil embedded in the fabric surface. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove soil and soap residue. If the inside of the cover gets wet, please allow to dry completely

Q.  Can I really leave my TV outside?
  Yes.  Our covers provide the most complete protection available. The outdoor environment is harsher than indoors, so it is doubtful that your TV will last as long as if it was indoors.  However, we have some TV’s using early cover prototypes (placed in service 11/2007) that have been totally exposed to the elements (sun, rain, cold, snow) and still working great.

Q. What if I want to return the cover?
A.  Within 90 Days simply e-mail returns@tvcoverstore.com  and request return shipping info.  When we receive the cover, your account will be credited the complete sales amount.  In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect we will also refund shipping charges.

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