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Thank you for visiting TV Coverstore!  I started TV Coverstore in 2008 after I discovered a shocking lack of high-quality, affordable TV covers for outdoor use.  At the time, I was a stockbroker but I also sold luxury houseboats in Atlanta, many of which had installed TV’s on the roof and the front deck. My clients were frustrated by the lack of affordable, fitted TV covers to protect their electronics. We would have to measure the TV, provide those measurements to a canvas tailor, and then wait two weeks for these custom covers, which were costing between $125 to $150.

In the summer of 2008, I personally added a large deck to my house and installed an outdoor TV. I asked myself, “What do people do for a cover if they do not know a canvas shop?” I searched the Internet and ordered every cover that I could find.  Some took three weeks to arrive.  Some covers were made from thin vinyl that would tear or lose their shape. All the covers were overpriced. I knew that I wanted better protection for my outdoor TV that didn’t sacrifice quality or break the bank. So, TV Coverstore was born!

Made in america TV Cover

I discussed the project with my friend, Rodney Greene, who happens to be a mechanical engineer, and together, we began to design a “Better Mousetrap.”  He subsequently became a partner. We spent time evaluating all the covers I bought, determining the features we wanted to preserve and those we needed to improve. We knew the fabric was going to be essential, so we began experimenting with different materials, making prototypes, and perfecting our design. We also sought out the best US-based factory to manufacture our covers, one we could trust would uphold our quality standards.

On my birthday in 2009, I was so confident in what we were doing that I left my job as a stockbroker after 15 years to concentrate all my efforts on TV Coverstore. Although our sales have increased every month since our launch, we are not resting on our laurels. We are committed to ongoing quality improvements and continuous design enhancements as well as improvements across all facets of our company. We proactively seek out input from our factory workers, sales associates and customer service agents, as well as customer comments, ideas, and feedback.  Please let us hear from you via ideas@tvcoverstore.com orifyou prefer, call us @ 724-826-8377with any questions you may have regarding outdoor TV covers, televisions or mounts.   We try to be the rare internet business that answers the phone, so if we don’t pickup, please leave a message.  Thank you again for visiting!